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40 Years of Ainos products

The company AINOS S.A. has been bringing a touch of nature to your kitchen for 40 years now.

Our mission is to create irresistibly tasty top-quality products, ensuring that they reach your plate full of nutrients, for a balanced and healthy diet at the best price.

With dedication, consistency and a sense of responsibility, our company puts a lot of effort into achieving this goal every day.

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Why choose frozen products


Fresh vegetables are usually harvested before they ripen, to ensure that they maintain their nutrients until they are sold, but this means that their vitamins and nutrients do not have a chance to develop fully. In addition, fresh vegetables are often not used immediately, causing their vitamins to degrade due to oxidation.


In the case of frozen vegetables, the time between their collection and packaging is minimal. This means that they arrive on your plate rich in vitamins, minerals, fibres and antioxidants, regardless of how they are prepared.


Of course, this requires their direct transport from the store to the domestic freezer and their storage at temperatures from -15º C to -18º C.