Nature's Historical Garden!

We, at AINOS, declare ourselves as supporters of "live healthy"! That's why we collect the freshest, purest vegetables to enjoy, always fresh and unaltered, with all their valuable nutrients and vitamins!

We are a purely Greek, family-owned company with deep knowledge in the production, processing and freezing of vegetables, while we have more than 50 years of presence in the Greek market. That is why we can control all stages of the production process with strict quality standards. Because, for us, the production process - from sowing to supervision and harvesting - is a rite. In that way, the authentic flavor that you are looking for from nature's garden ... arrives at your plate!

We continuously invest in the development of our products and services, improve our privately-owned vertical production units and our storage and packaging facilities, while our products are exported all over Europe, Cyprus, the United Kingdom and Australia. Thus, we are dynamically developing abroad, promoting pure, nutritional ingredients of Greek cuisine and Mediterranean diet all over the world!

We love what we do!